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We were a guild of friends that has become just my wife and I and another friend of ours. Leveling a 3 person guild to take advantage of perks is just not working out so we are looking for more that may feel the same as us. We are not raiders or power gamers we just enjoy leveling together (my wife and I).

All we can offer is a place where you can combine efforts with others to unlock guild perks as you level. The second bank slot is for guildies if you need a quick way to transfer stuff from char to char but it will be at your own risk if you leave things in the bank. I can turn on a vent server if enough people want one. We have some mid-range crafters and I will make anything I can for free if you provide the mats. There are no obligations and we don’t talk much but feel free to ask us questions and we will try and help. Guild membership is open to any “adults” (both in age and attitude) and any alts. We don’t censor chat and are not babysitters so if the consensus is that someone is young or immature we will remove you.  We don’t raid or have organized PVP and you are welcome to come and go as you please but if you just want a guild to park your character in while leveling and have that open channel to some others to help with some quests if they are able or to go on a dungeon run, you are welcome to join us.

Only rule I have is don’t be a jerk to others. I have zero tolerance for people who abuse others. My motto is play and let play so as long as no one is causing problems, it’s all good .  

We are on most nights after 7PM EST. So to join just:
1) Leave a message in the forum here with character name and when you will be on and I will look for you.
2) Send an in game email to Keedo with Character name and when you will be on and I will look for you.
3) Do a /who on Companions of Light and message someone asking about joining and you will get directed to us.

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a8ball, Dec 21, 10 11:58 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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